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One kind of flange that is designed to fit over the end of a pipe and be welded in place is called a slip on raised flange. Raised slip-on flanges are round, flat discs with a hole in the center. The objective is to connect two pipes using screws. These consist of four parts. This is a base ring that attaches to the pipe. An integrated raised surface provides stability and strength when connected; a hub holds all the components together; and finally, gaskets provide additional sealing.

slip on raised face flanges

Slip-on flanges are easy to install and remove and are less expensive than other flange types. Slip-on flanges are ideal for applications where cost is an important consideration and the flange is not exposed to high pressure or vibration

Grades in SORF

⇒ ASTM A403 WP Gr. 304

⇒ASTM A403 WP Gr 304H

⇒ASTM A403 WP Gr 309

⇒ASTM A403 WP Gr 310

⇒ASTM A403 WP Gr 316

⇒ASTM A403 WP Gr 316L

⇒ASTM A403 WP Gr 317L

⇒ASTM A403 WP Gr 321

⇒ASTM A403 WP Gr 347

⇒ASTM A403 WP Gr 904L



⇒ASTM A 234 WPHY 42

⇒ASTM A 234 WPHY 46

⇒ASTM A 234 WPHY 52

⇒ASTM A 234 WPH 60

⇒ASTM A 234 WPHY 65

⇒ASTM A 234 WPHY 70



⇒ASTM / ASME A/SA 234 Gr. WP 1

⇒ASTM / ASME A/SA 234 Gr. WP 5

⇒ASTM / ASME A/SA 234 Gr. WP 9

⇒ASTM / ASME A/SA 234 Gr. WP 11

⇒ASTM / ASME A/SA 234 Gr. WP 12

⇒ASTM / ASME A/SA 234 Gr. WP 22

⇒ASTM / ASME A/SA 234 Gr. WP 91

⇒ASTM A 815

⇒ASME SA 815 UNS NO S31803

⇒ASME SA 815 UNS NO S32205

⇒Werkstoff No. 1.4462

⇒ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 2200 ( NICKEL 200 )

⇒ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 2201 (NICKEL 201 )

⇒ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 4400 (MONEL 400 )

⇒ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 8020 ( ALLOY 20 / 20 CB 3

⇒ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 8825 INCONEL (825)

⇒ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 6600 (INCONEL 600 )

⇒ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 6601 ( INCONEL 601 )

⇒ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 6625 (INCONEL 625)

⇒ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 10276 ( HASTELLOY C 276 )

Standard Basic flange dimensions for ASME B16.5. include ANSI B16.47, ANSI B16.36, ANSI B16.48 BS 4504, EN 1092 DIN, or API 6A.

Slip-on flanges are easy to install and remove and are less expensive than other flange types. Slip-on flanges are ideal for applications where cost is an important consideration and the flange is not exposed to high pressure or vibration

Use Of The Product

Slip-on flanges manufacturers are primarily suitable for fluids operating at low pressures. Additionally, these flanges perform well and have very little leakage. These flanges are now very commonly found in cooling water lines, fire water lines, low pressure compressed air lines, and process lines for substances such as steam, oil, gas, and condensate. These flanges are suitable for low pressure and high temperature systems.

  • Flange fittings with compression designation classes 150 and 300 in sizes NPS 1/2 to NPS24 Requirements are specified in both metric and US units, and slip-on raised flange thread diameters and tapped holes are specified in inches. unit
  • Flanged fittings such as the ANSI B16.5 Class 150 Slip-On Flanges with designated pressure rating classes such as 400, 600, 900, and 1500, sizes NPS 1/2 to NPS 24, and slip-on flange JIS 10k fittings with Class 2500 pressure rating designations in sizes NPS 1/2 to NPS 12 have been recognized in the non-mandatory Appendix E section,

We are one of the leading and most reputed manufacturers of Slip forged flanges. In addition to manufacturing ANSI B16.5 slip-on flanges, we are also known for supplying, selling, and exporting ASME B16.47 SORF flanges. ANSI/ASME B16.5 slip-on flange manufacturer in India. Our inventory list includes a large selection of ASTM A182 SS Class D slip-on flanges. Our factory also manufactures customized stainless steel slip-on flanges with flat faces.


ASME B16.5 slip-on flanges are known for their superior performance and are commonly designed for the following applications. To meet demand we offer a wide range of slip-on flat flanges through our global warehouse branch. 

These slip flanges are used in various industries like Stainless Steel Slip on Flanges are used in Oil and Gas Pipeline Slip on Raised Face Flanges used in the chemical industry Alloy Steel SORF Flanges are used in Plumbing Flat Faced Slip-On are used in Heating

Slip on Pipe Flanges used in Water Supply Systems ANSI B16.5 Slip on Forged Flanges Used in Power Plant Steel slips on flanges are used in the fabrication industry. Slip on Flanges are used in Structural Pipe



Flanges are specified by, for example, “weld neck RTJ” or “socket weld RF”. Dimensions of the ASME B16 ring connection surface and his RTJ seal. 5. Nominal Pipe Size (NPS). This is a dimensionless designation used to define the nominal pipe size (NPS) of a connecting pipe, fitting, or nozzle. Examples of this are NPS 4 and NPS 6.

Flange pressure class. This refers to the pressure and temperature rating of the flange and is required for all flanges. Examples include Classes 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500.


SORF Manufacturing Standards

The ASME B16.5 slip-on flange specification for pipe-to-flange connections covers a variety of parameters such as materials, dimensions, pressure ratings, temperature ratings, marking, testing, and methods of designating openings for pipe Hastelloy flanges and flanged fittings.

Included are the following points:

  • Copper-nickel SORF flanges designated in ratings 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, and 1500. These ratings for Alloy 20 slip-on flanges are typically available in sizes NPS 1/2 to NPS 24 and in duplex. Steel SORF flanges with the classification designation 2500 are available in sizes NPS 1/2 to NPS 12. These alloy steel sliding flange requirements are given in both metric and US customary units, and stainless steel sliding flange bolt and threaded hole diameters are given in inches


Slip on face flanges Material Grade

Discover a comprehensive range of Slip On Raised Face Flanges meticulously crafted to meet diverse industrial needs. Our Grades collection features top-quality materials, including ASTM A182, A240 F grades for stainless steel, ASTM A105/A105N, A350 LF1, LF2 CL1/CL2, LF3, CL1/CL2 for carbon steel, ASTM A182 F1, F5, F9, F11, F22, F91 for alloy steel, and more. Embracing precision engineering, our nickel alloy Slip raised face flanges encompass ASTM SB564, SB160, and SB472 series, while our copper alloy selection boasts ASTM SB 61, SB62, SB151, and SB152 standards. Elevate your projects with our Duplex Steel Slip On Raised Face Flanges, featuring ASTM A182, and A240F grades. Explore the epitome of durability and performance with our extensive Grades range, meticulously tailored to exceed industry standards.

Slip on Raised Flanges, Alloy Steel slip on raised face flanges Manufacturer & Exporter. ASME B 16.5, ASME B 16.47, ASTM A182, 105, 350, SB564, 160, 472 Slip On Flanges, Nickel Alloy SORF Flanges Suppliers.

Platinex Piping Solutions LLP is one of the leading Manufacturers, Supplier and Exporters of High quality Slip On Raised Face Flanges. These SORF Flanges are made using premium quality materials. These Flanges is available in various size, grades, Specification & thickness as per the clients requirements. These flanges are attached to the pipe by fillet welding at the hub and at the end of the pipe inside the flange. Slip-on flanges are available with raised, flat or RTJ faces, and are also available in orifice configurations. These are easily fitted and welded into different pipes. We Provide these flanges at market leading rates.


Size:½” (15 NB) to 48″ (1200NB)
Class:150 LBS, 300 LBS, 600 LBS, 900 LBS, 1500 LBS, 2500 LBS, DIN Standard ND-6,10, 16, 25, 40 Etc.
Standards:ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47, ANSI B16.36, ANSI B16.48, BS 4504, EN1092, UNI 2277/2278, DIN
Flange Face Type:Flate Face (FF), Raised Face (RF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ)
Coating/Surface Treatment:Anti-rust Paint, Oil Black Paint, Yellow Transparent, Zinc Plated, Cold and Hot Dip Galvanized



Stainless Steel Slip On Raised Face Flanges 


ASTM A182, A240 FASTM A182, A240 F 304, 304L, 304H, 316, 316Ti, 316H, 316L, 316LN, 309S, 309H, 310S, 310H,317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347H, 201, 202, 904L

Carbon Steel Slip On Raised Face Flanges 


ASTM A105/A105N, A350 LF1, LF2 CL1/CL2, LF3 CL1/CL2, A694 F42, F46, F48, F50, F52, F56, F60, F65, F70, A516.60, 65, 70 (Spectacle Blind Flange, Spacer Ring/Spade Flange), Steel RST37.2, C22.8

Alloy Steel Slip On Raised Face Flanges 


ASTM A182 F1,F5,F9,F11,F22,F91

Nickel Alloy Slip On Raised Face Flanges


ASTM SB564, SB160, SB472, SB162 Nickel 200 (UNS No. N02200), Nickel 201 (UNS No. N02201), Monel 400 (UNS No. N04400), Monel 500 (UNS No. N05500), Inconel 800 (UNS No. N08800), Inconel 825 (UNS No. N08825), Inconel 600 (UNS No. N06600), Inconel 625 (UNS No. N06625), Inconel 601 (UNS No. N06601), Hastelloy C 276 (UNS No. N10276), Alloy 20 (UNS No. N08020).

Copper Alloy Slip On Raised Face Flanges 

ASTM SB 61 , SB62 , SB151 , SB152 UNS No. C 70600 (Cu-Ni 90/10), C 71500 (Cu-Ni 70/30), UNS No. C 10100, 10200, 10300, 10800, 12000, 12200,

Duplex Steel Slip On Raised Face Flanges


ASTM A182, A240 F 44, F 45, F51, F 53, F 55, F 60, F 61


Why platinex For the Slip-On Raised Face Flanges (SORF)

Choose Platinex Piping Solutions LLP for your Slip-On Raised Face Flanges Manufacturer and Exporter needs for unparalleled quality, reliability, and expertise. As a leading manufacturer & supplier, we excel at crafting high-quality flanges that surpass industry standards. Our commitment to using premium materials ensures durability and performance, while our diverse range of sizes, grades, specifications, and thicknesses caters to various client requirements. With our seamless welding and easy fitting capabilities, coupled with competitive market rates, Platinex guarantees unmatched value and satisfaction. Trust Platinex for superior Slip-On Raised Face Flanges that elevate your projects with precision and excellence.